How To Build A Website And Stay Sane

Book cover There are thousands of books designed to turn you into a web developer. They talk about image creation, scripting, database management, information architecture, and so many acronyms your head will spin: HTML, XML, SOAP, RPCs and RFCs.

This is not one of them!

What if you don't want to become a web developer yourself? What if you just want to focus on your core business, and find a web development company or ebusiness consultant to help create a site for you?

Then How To Build A Website And Stay Sane is for you. It will equip you to find a company or consultant to develop or revamp your website and to understand what they're trying to sell you. The information in this book will help you weed out the wannabes from the real experts and keep control of your online presence.

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Business owners: This book will tell you exactly what you need to know when dealing with a web developer.
Web developers: Give this book to all your clients and save yourself a heap of time on every project.

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"Give this to every client." Donna Casey, Instructor / Consultant, Team Macromedia
"You really hit it on the head." Adrian DeWitts, IT Director, The Eight Black Group
"Easy to read." Sam Varghese, Online Technology Editor, The Age/Sydney Morning Herald
"The most honest web development book I've read." Alan Palmer
"Awesome book. Great depth of knowledge." Brendan Goodman
"Genuinely unique in concept. I haven't seen anything like it" Chris Burgess, SEO Workshop